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St Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Skills Packet for Preschool

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St Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Skills Packet for Preschool – 1st Grade Post Preview: Use this free printable 15-page packet for children to work on fine motor skills with a Saint Patrick’s Day theme. Activities include tracing, cutting, coloring, and more.

It’s almost Saint Patrick’s Day! This year, I have a new 15-page packet full of fine motor skill practice activities for students that are perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day. It includes pages with tracing, coloring, drawing, and more.

This new printable St Patrick’s Day fine motor skills packet even has an option to get it for free!

St Patrick's Day Fine Motor Skills Packet

Fine Motor Skills Packets

You might remember some of the other fine motor skills packets I’ve introduced over the past year:

Note: The St Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Skills Packet is available much farther down in the post, so be sure to scroll all the way down to get it. Looks for the heading that says “Download the St Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Skills Packet” all in capital letters. While there are free options to get it, if you prefer just to buy it now, you can do that here.

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St Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Skills Packet for Preschool – 1st Grade

This printable Saint Patrick’s Day-themed packet for preschool – 1st grade is a great way for kids to work on a variety of fine motor skills. The 15-page packet has cute pictures for kids to color as well as several other types of fine motor skills, such as cutting, tracing, and more.

Each page of the packet has directions for what to do on that page.

This packet is secular in nature. If you are looking for a religious printable packet for Saint Patrick’s Day, make sure to check out my Saint Patrick Printables and Worksheets Packet.

Saint Patrick Printables, Activities, and Worksheets - The Saint Patrick Printables Packet is a 45-page learning packet all about St. Patrick

St Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Skills Printable Contents

The printable packet is a 15-page download. It includes a cover page and a terms of use/directions page. In addition to these, this holiday packet has 13 pages of hands-on activities.

Rainbow Sizes Activity

Students will color the three rainbows on the page. They can then trace the lines around the rainbows, cut them out, and then place them in order by size on another piece of paper.

If you prefer, children can glue the rainbows that have been cut out onto craft sticks and make rainbow stick puppets of three different sizes. They could even make up a story to tell about the rainbows of different sizes. (This suggestion is not on the printed page.)

Rainbow Sizes Printable Page

Saint Patrick’s Day Patterns Cut and Glue Page

Children will study three sets of patterns and figure out what comes next in each set of simple patterns. These patterns use the following sequences: ABAB, AAB, and ABC.

The students will cut out the correct answer from the bottom of the page and glue it in the next spot. This page includes three different patterns. The graphics are a lucky coin, a four-leaf clover, and a pot of gold.

Saint Patrick's Day Math Patterns Page

Students can also color the pictures on this pattern page if they would like to do so. You could also print it on a seasonally-colored (green) sheet of paper if you prefer.

If your children or students like this type of activity, they might also enjoy the free 8-page Cut and Paste Spring Patterns Packet as well.

Cut and Paste Spring Math Picture Patterns Free Printables

Color and Cut Page

This page features five holiday-themed pictures that students can color. After they color the pictures, there is a dotted line for cutting each one out. These pictures could be glued onto another paper or they can make them into stick puppets by using craft sticks.

Pictures included: a shamrock (three-leaf clover), a four-leaf clover, a rainbow, a leprechaun, and a pot of gold.

St Patrick's Day Color and Cut Printable

Make a Lucky Clover Craft Page

Children can have fun decorating this four-leaf clover coloring sheet. They can use crayons or markers to decorate the clover if they want. However, it’s also a great idea to add even more fine motor skill practice by gluing on torn pieces of decorative scrap paper or green tissue paper.

St. Patrick’s Day Line Tracing (5 pages)

There are five tracing pages in this packet. Each page has pictures that are commonly associated with Saint Patrick’s Day. Each page also has a variety of types of lines for students to trace. If desired, children can color the pages as well.

If you want to be able to use these pages over and over again, you can color and laminate them before using them. Students would then trace the lines with a dry erase marker.

This set includes leprechaun hats, leprechaun faces, four-leaf clovers, and pots of gold.

Saint Patrick's Day Line Tracing Page

Saint patrick’s Day Counting Practice Task Cards (5 pages, 10 Task Cards)

Each of these pages has two pots that are ready to be filled with coins on counting task cards. You can leave them intact on a single page and not cut them out into smaller pages, or you can cut each page into two individual task cards.

Students are shown a picture of a pot of gold that already has the appropriate number of gold coins for that card in the upper right corner of each card. Students will then draw the same number of gold coins in the pot on that card.

This is another activity that could be colored and cut ahead of time and laminated for multiple uses if you prefer. Students would then either use a dry erase marker to draw in their coins or coin manipulatives (like these gold Saint Patrick’s Day coins) to place on the cards.

Saint Patrick's Day Math Task Cards

Appropriate Ages for the St Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Skills Packet

While I have specifically mentioned preschool, kindergarten, and first grade as the St Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Skills Packet’s grade levels, that is not really the only group of students that this is appropriate for. It’s is simply the range that will have the largest number of students that it will work for.

You may find that some of the activities in this packet may be appropriate for your older toddler. I would never force a toddler to sit and work on a printable activity, but they might like using crayons or markers on some of the pictures.

If you have an older student who would benefit from fine motor skill practice because of delays or disabilities, this packet may also be perfect for them. Of course, you know your child or student best, and if this activity will seem like too much of a “little kid” activity to them, I would recommend that you find other more age-appropriate activities to use.

Other Saint Patrick’s Day Printables and Activities

You can keep scrolling to get to the St Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Skills Packet if you’d like. However, if you’d like some ideas for other Saint Patrick’s Day-themed activities, you might like some of these!

Work on more fine motor skills like coloring or finger painting with this free Pot of Gold Coloring/Finger Painting Page.

Saint Patrick's Day Finger Painting Activity

Kids and adults can work together on this packet of 23 different Shamrock Coloring Pages.

23 Different Shamrock Designs: Saint Patrick's Day Coloring Book

More Saint Patrick’s Day Printables

Here are some more Saint Patrick’s Day Printables you might want to check out:

Saint Patrick’s Day Crafts and Activities

For some more fine motor practice, you can work on this Easy Shamrock Wreath Craft. All you need is the free printable pattern plus some glue and green paper.

Easy Shamrock Wreath Craft for Kids

Here are lots of ideas for Saint Patrick’s Day activities for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten students.

Looking for resources for a Saint Patrick's Day Unit Study? We're listing the best St Patrick's Day resources including books, crafts, recipes, and printables for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.

Other Saint Patrick’s Day Crafts and Activities:

This Three-Leaf and Four-Leaf Clover Suncatcher Craft Kit from Punch of Color is darling:

Shamrock Suncatcher Craft Kit

Terms of Use for the St Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Skills Packet

The St Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Packet is free for personal or classroom use, exclusively for Real Life at Home email subscribers. (It is also available without subscribing. See details in the next section.)

You may not sell, publish, or host this printable on any other website. This includes that you may not upload it to another website for people to download (Google Drive, Scribd, etc.).

Note: During the pandemic, you may share it in a secure Google Classroom only with your students and their parents (or another similar secure online classroom where only your students have access).

Here are more terms of use guidelines for printables.

Download the St Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Skills Packet

St Patrick's Day Fine Motor Skills Packet

As I mentioned above, the St Patrick’s Day Fine Motor Skills Packet is available as a free gift for current and new email subscribers.

Download Your Free Printable

If you are already an email subscriber, you can use the email address that you are already subscribed with. This will tell the system to send the download link to your email inbox. (You won’t be subscribed again.)

If you are not an email subscriber and want to subscribe, fill in your name (optional) and email address. You will receive an email with the download information. You can unsubscribe at any time. (But check out the page full of great printables that are free for email subscribers.)

If you are not an email subscriber and do not wish to be but still want the fine motor skills packet, you can purchase it very inexpensively (just $2.00) in my shop. Click here to purchase it.

Fill out this form if you are a current or new subscriber and want the packet for free. The form also appears after this post.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This doesn’t change the price you pay. However, when you shop through them, we may receive a small compensation.


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