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Yelloh Village Serignan Plage Review – Sorry About The Mess

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In August 2022, our family of six spent 10 days at Yelloh Village Le Serignan Plage. 

Read on to find out all about Yelloh village Serignan Plage accommodation, weather, facilities and activities, plus our top tips for a stay at Yelloh Village Serignan Plage campsite!

Why we choose Yelloh Village Le Serignan Plage


We usually book self-catered villas for our summer holiday, but this year, we wanted a holiday with on-site activities, the opportunity for our children to socialise with others, and an enclosed camping village where our older children (11 and 9) could come to and fro from the various activities independently, and a good swimming pool and facilities to suit our our younger children (6 and 2).


So began the search for the best beach campsites in France. Seeking warmer weather, we quickly narrowed the search down to campsites in the South of France near a beach. Yelloh Village Le Serignan Plage frequently came highly recommended on google, so that was how our holiday destination decision came to be made. 


The campsite at Yelloh Village Le Serignan Plage


Having stayed at some huge campsites in the South of France, I was pleasantly surprised by the easily walkable size of Yelloh Village Serignan Plage. Whichever area / accommodation you choose to stay in at Serignan Plage, you are only ever a maximum of 10 minutes walk from the central entertainment / shop hub, and from the beach. Even faster, if you choose to travel by bike, which most holidaymakers do, seeing as Yelloh Village provide two free bikes for each accommodation. 


We found the bikes a brilliant touch, as it made a quick trip to the beach or shops even faster, and meant we could easily nip back to our accommodation from the beach or pool to grab food or anything else we needed. You can also rent bikes for children at an additional cost. 

Yelloh Village Serignan Plage bikes

The central area at Yelloh Village Serignan Plage consists of a restaurant and bar, trampoline and fairground area, arcade, crepe and ice cream stand, bakery, supermarket, the Rue Du Commerce shopping street / marketplace selling local wares, and the main stage where the daily evening entertainment would take place. There is also an on-site butcher and fish shop at Yelloh Village Le Serignan Plage. Essentially, everything you need without ever needing to go off-site (The on-site supermarket is noticeably more expensive, though). 

Paella from the on-site fish shop


Top tip: 

Some restaurants, bars and shops have contactless, but some are cash only – so make sure you have both!

Yelloh Village Serignan Plage playgrounds

There are numerous playgrounds dotted around the campsite, some more suited to younger children, and some to older. A sports area with tennis courts and football pitches, swimming pool, water slide complex, and children’s paddling play area, plus the adults only ‘Balneo’ swimming pool. 


Yelloh Village Le Serignan Plage accommodation


Our family of 6 stayed in a Yelloh Village cottage that sleeps 7 people in 3 bedrooms. 


The accommodation was typical of a mobile home campsite holiday in France. There was a big enclosed terrace with dining table and two sun loungers – this is where we spent most of our time as the weather was warm. Inside the accommodation comprised of a dining table and bench seating, kitchen area and fridge / freezer. There is no oven in the kitchen. You can rent a barbeque or plancha at extra cost, contact Yelloh Village to arrange that. 

Yelloh village serignan plage cottage

Our three eldest children slept in a room with two single beds and a singe bunk bed above. Our youngest slept in the twin bedroom. The main bedroom had a decent sized bed, bigger than a double – Sam and I are used to a superking at home and we never felt squished in the Yelloh Village bed. It was also a lot comfier than some beds at more expensive villas we have stayed in in the past, so all in all, we quite liked our Serignan Plage accommodation. 

Below is a Yelloh Village Serignan Plage cottage accomodation tour that I filmed during our holiday:


With average temperatures over 30 degrees every day (It even got up to 37 for a few days during our stay), air conditioning in the mobile home was an absolute must. Our AC unit worked faultlessly throughout our entire 10 days stay. It is just the one unit in the living area of the accommodation, meaning you do need to keep the bedroom doors open a little, to prevent those rooms from getting hot at night. 

Yelloh village serignan plage accommodation

The cottages at Yelloh Village Serignan Plage have one toilet and a separate shower room. Baby baths are available for hire, and there is also a baby bath room in the centre of the campsite with around 8 deep sink type baths for babies and toddlers. 


Yelloh Village Le Serignan Plage Kids club 


Yelloh Village has kids clubs for different age groups: Mini club for 5 – 7 year olds, Junior Club for 8 – 12 year olds, and Teen club for 13 – 17 years of age. 


You can book kids club activities in advance via the app, but we found even in peak season mid-August, every activity still had slots on the day. 


Our children ended up not really using the kids clubs as they preferred to meet up separately with friends they made during our stay. French is obviously the main language used in the kids clubs, and the attendees seemed to be majority French children from what I observed. 

Kids club at Yelloh Village Serignan Plage is open from 10am to 12 midday and 3pm to 5pm, 7 days a week.


In addition to the kids clubs, the ‘animation’ team always seemed to be running activities throughout the campsite that anyone could get involved with – such as campsite races, Olympics, and obstacle courses. If your children are born performers, they will enjoy getting involved with the mini club shows –  whilst we were there, there was a mini club Disney show and a circus show. 


Le Serignan Plage weather

We had quite the mix of temperatures during our stay at Yelloh Village Serignan plage. The weather began with a heatwave at the start of our stay, seeing us arrive to highs of 37 degrees for a few days. Following that, was a lovely week of sunny days hovering around the 32 degree mark. Towards the end of our stay, there was one rainy day, followed by sunny / cloudy days with highs of 28 degrees. The weather was consistently warm and sunny, which is what we had wanted!

The beach at Le Serignan Plage Yelloh Village


The beach at Yelloh Village Serignan Plage was a real highlight of the location. Serignan plage campsite is literally right on the beach. We were staying towards the pool side of the campsite, which is further away from the beach side, and for us to walk from our accommodation to the beach took five minutes – or 2 minutes by bike. This made trips to the beach with four children (including a toddler!) and all our beach paraphernalia the most easy trip to a beach we’ve ever made. It also meant we could stay as long or as little as we wanted to at the beach, no pressure to ‘make a day of it’ because we’ve lugged all our stuff a long way / parking was hard to find, etc. 

Le Serignan Plage beach

The beach itself was busy in peak season, but there was always space and no one’s group was on top of another. We tended to pitch up right in front of the path to the campsite, I imagine if you venture further down the beach, you’d find even more space to yourselves. 


The water was great for young children – calm with small waves and a very gentle, shallow slope. For this reason, I find the Mediterranean side of the South of France much better suited to young children and non swimmers than the more surfy Atlantic coast of South France. 


Le Serignan Plage beach has lifeguards from 1st July to 31st August from 11 a.m. to 6 pm.

Swimming pools at Yelloh Village Serignan Plage

Yelloh Village Serignan Plage swimming pool

The swimming pools are one of the best features of Yelloh Village Serignan Plage – with a fantastic paddling pool play area, and fast water slides, there is something for all age groups. 


Lifeguards are stationed at all pools and the slide area at all times, and the pools and surrounding grass areas were always very clean and unlittered. 


During our stay in August, the pool complex was open from 10am – 8pm.


Top tip:

We didn’t bother getting involved with the standard early doors claiming of sunbeds, instead preferring to arrive at the pool around 4 or 5pm, when there were always sunbeds available. 

Below is a video swimming pool tour that I filmed during our stay (filmed just before closing time in the evening, hence why it is so quiet in the video!):

The Splash Pad – Children’s swimming pool at Yelloh Village Serignan Plage

yelloh village serignan plage swimming pool

With ankle-high water and a fantastic array of slides, climbing frames, and water play structures, ‘The Splash Pad’ – a children’s swimming pool at Yelloh Village Serignan Plage was a huge hit with our 2 and 6 year old non-swimmers (actually, our 9 year old very much enjoyed the children’s pool area too). The Splash Pad is particularly fantastic for toddlers and preschoolers, as the shallow water height gives them a greater sense of independence. If you have young children who love water, this part of the serignan plage campsite is a real draw. 

yelloh village serignan plage paddling pool

Main pool at Yelloh Village Serignan Plage

Yelloh Village Serignan Plage swimming pool

The main pool at the Serignan Plage campsite has a deep side, a shallow sloping side, and a paddling pool area. There are also a couple of water slides that go into the main pool. Our two older children (9 and 11 years old) spent most of their time in this pool and on the water slides. 


Water slides at Yelloh Village Serignan Plage

yelloh village serignan plage water slides

The water slide section of the swimming pool complex at Serignan Plage is really fun and was enjoyed by all members of the family, apart from our toddler who was a bit young in terms of the target demographic. 


There are around six slides (not counting the ones by the main pool) – including a good mixture of steep fast slides and slower slides. My six year old particularly enjoyed the ‘disco slide’, as he called it: a dark tube slide with coloured sections that ‘flash’ as you zoom past. The slide where you sit in inflatable rubber rings was another favourite. 


Serignan Plage Balneo

Serignan plage balneo

The Balneo at Yelloh Village Serignan Plage is an adults only swimming and balneotherapy complex, with various spa type swimming areas. The Balneo is naturist only in the mornings until 1pm. 


I visited the Balneo on a couple of afternoons during our trip whilst our toddler was napping. It’s a great place to relax, read a book, and enjoy a much quieter pool than the main family pools! There were always sunbeds available. 


Indoor covered swimming pool at Serignan Plage


The fifth and final swimming area at Yelloh Village Serignan Plage is the indoor covered swimming pool. This pool is set aside for baby and toddler swimmers. 


Entertainment at Yelloh Village Le Serignan Plage

Yelloh Village serignan plage review

As well as the mini club kids and teenage discos, every night there was entertainment on the stage in the centre of the campsite. These shows were varied, but all were really good quality. During our stay, we watched a Marvel dance show, an Encanto musical show, a Beyonce show, a Disney musical show, and a circus show. The circus show was probably our favourite, featuring some really cool laser acts and funny moments – the kids really enjoyed this one, and the Encanto and Marvel shows were also popular amongst our family. 


Things to do near Yelloh Village Serignan Plage


I’m afraid that I don’t have much to contribute in the way of things to do near Serignan Plage. We found there was so much to occupy us on the campsite itself, that we didn’t venture much further during our 10 day stay – extremely unusual for us! We usually like to explore off-site a lot when we are on holiday, but the children were all so happy and occupied with the facilities at Yelloh Village and the friends they had made, that we didn’t find ourselves wanting to change up our daily routine.


Nearby Cap D’agde and the town of Beziers both look good for restaurants and a wander. Castle fans can plan a day trip to Carcassonne, just over an hour’s drive from Serignan Plage. Sam, Rory and Otto spent an enjoyable afternoon kayaking on the river with Bayou Canoe.

Le Serignan Plage review

We are all eager to return to Yelloh Village Serignan Plage, so perhaps I will be able to update this section in the future. 

Shops near Yelloh Village Serignan Plage

Within a ten minute drive of Yelloh Village Serignan Plage, there is a huge Carrefour supermarket, and a huge Decathlon which has everything you could ever possibly need for a beach and camping holiday in the South of France. 


Laundry at Le Serignan Plage campsite


There is a laundrette in the centre of Serignan Plage campsite. We did one load of washing here mid-way through our trip. I found the machines not too busy (didn’t have to wait for one). It costs 6 euros per washing cycle for laundry at Yelloh Village Le Serignan Plage, detergent is included in this and dispensed automatically by the laundry machine. There is also a hand-washing area with lots of sinks that you can use for free. 


Le Maison Des Tout-Petits

Le Maison Des Tout-Petits Yelloh Village Serignan Plage

‘The house for the very young’ is an air conditioned, indoor play area for under 4s. It is full of bright toys and wooden climbing areas, and was a great place to entertain our toddler out of the sun. 

Le Maison Des Tout-Petits Yelloh Village Serignan Plage

Drive or fly to Le Serignan Plage?


We took our own car via the Eurotunnel. From our home in South East London to Le Serignan Plage, it was approximately 13 hours. The route was largely traffic free and easy. French rest stops or ‘aires’ are everywhere (approximately every 20 minutes along the motorways). We split the journey up with two overnight stops, but the journey can be done with one overnight stop if you don’t mind 2 long days of driving. 


The decision to drive or fly to the South of France largely depends on how much time you like spending in the car, and if there are any locations en-route that you are interested in visiting. We explored a bit of Avignon and Lyon during our stops, so it felt like we’d seen a bit more of France on the way to Le Serignan Plage. 


Flying to Le Serignan Plage is obviously a lot faster, but the more expensive option if you want to hire a car for your stay on top of flight costs. Driving to Serignan Plage means you automatically have a car for day trips during your stay, and you aren’t restricted to a baggage allowance so can bring more with you. 


There are additional costs involved with driving to Le Serignan Plage – toll charges, european breakdown cover, Eurotunnel crossing fees, petrol, plus the cost of an overnight stopover or two. You can see the total cost breakdown of our drive to Serignan Plage below. If you aren’t planning to hire a car during your holiday, the price difference between flying or driving to Serignan Plage seems to be minimal. 

drive to south of france costs

What we loved about Le Serignan Plage:


Direct beach access

Small campsite, short walks to everything

High quality evening entertainment

Brilliant swimming pool complex for all ages

Easy check in process and attentive Yelloh Village reps

So many things for the kids to do, they never had a chance to say they were bored!

What we didn’t love about Yelloh Village Le Serignan Plage:


Honestly, Yelloh Village Le Serignan Plage ticked all our boxes and actually exceeded our expectations in many ways, there are only two small things on our con list. 


Smoking is allowed in all outdoor areas (think this is pretty standard in France as we experienced it in all locations on our trip). This means you get people smoking next to you at the pool, and right in the seating area for the evenings shows, etc. Designated smoking areas would be a lot nicer! 


There is no oven in the Yelloh Village accommodation – and our children eat a lot of oven food! You can buy chips, pizzas, chicken nuggets etc from the restaurant by the stage in the centre of the campsite, but it would have been far cheaper if we’d been able to cook these things ourselves at the accommodation.  


Overall, we found the Yelloh Village campsite at Serignan Plage to be a really excellent holiday destination for families and children of all ages. We regard our holiday at Le Serignan Plage to be one of our most successful family holidays in terms of everyone’s enjoyment levels and general ease of holiday activities. We are very keen to visit again, and also to explore more of Yelloh Village’s locations. 

Yelloh Village Le Serignan Plage review


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